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The Paratus Story

As a company born and bred in Africa, we understand the opportunities that Africa offers businesses and individuals; opportunities to create our own rules, break boundaries and live without limits. This is why we work every day to keep growing and raising the benchmark for connectivity on our continent. We deliver world-class technology through passionate and committed employees, who ensure that each customer experience is a valuable one.

From humble beginnings, Paratus has grown into a full-service network spanning the African continent and connecting customers internationally. Our business is managed by a passionate, skilled operational team across 7 African countries – Angola, Botswana, DRC, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, and Zambia. Our extended network reaches further through satellite connectivity for Africa and Africans. We connect more than 35 African countries with ICT products and services.

Connecting our country, our continent, our world.


Founded in 2003, Paratus is a high-quality telecommunications operator – Connectivity, Datacenter and Voice – operating throughout the country, with fiber, wireless and satellite technologies, specialised in the corporate market.

Our services are supported by a highly specialised team with years of experience in the implementation of telecommunications solutions in Africa. Based on the knowledge and best practices of international standards, Paratus is committed to providing the most reliable service and exceptional customer service.

Coverage Overview

Service Overview

Paratus Angola is the leading supplier of connectivity, voice, Internet, cloud, and satellite services in the region.

National and International Networks


Paratus’s connectivity solutions allow your company to stay connected to the internet continuously – providing access via Fiber, Microwave, and Satellite. Paratus guarantees network redundancy, by having multiple connections on different mediums.
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Complete voice solutions for businesses that are looking for effective voice service management.
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Datacenter Services

Data Center Services

Hosting equipment, property systems and client management in our Data Center units.
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Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Cloud solutions operating 100% in Angola in a safe, stable and flexible environment.
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The support you need,
when you need it.

It’s not easy starting and growing a business in our highly competitive and challenging environment. Which is why we are there, whenever you need us. Through our 24/7 support, we have a team of expert and dedicated technicians working to keep you connected. We endeavour to exceed your expectations. We push the limits to create unlimited possibilities.

Contact us on or email us on comercial@paratus.ao Link to Client Portal:  https://portal.paratus.africa

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