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Cloud for companies: simplicity, mobility and collaboration

Paratus ' Cloud solution is an excellent option for companies that want to increase the efficiency of their processes and reduce infrastructure costs.

With the infrastructure of our datacenter, the Cloud offers high security and availability for customers, ensuring that their data is always protected and accessible.

What's more, with dedicated services, Cloud solutions eliminate the need to invest in hardware and software, allowing companies to concentrate on their core activities.

This means that customers can make the most of Cloud resources without having to worry about maintaining and updating equipment.

Service specifications

Virtual Datacenter (VDC)

What is a Virtual Datacenter (VDC)?

These are cloud-based infrastructures with a completely virtual environment that offers all the technological resources of a physical datacenter and can be accessed remotely. 

With dedicated services and resources for efficient and secure emigration, this solution requires no investment in hardware and software.

A VDC also serves as a backup and replication source. Depending on the cloud provider, some VDCs allow you to customize your virtual servers so that they match exactly what you need.

The added value of our connectivity services

The Paratus Cloud is VMWare certified, which guarantees compatibility and interoperability between different operating systems. This means that customers can run applications and systems on different platforms without worrying about compatibility problems.

The capabilities are available through the network and are accessed by standard mechanisms that promote use by heterogeneous thin-client or thick-client platforms.

Business Case

Disaster Recovery

A VDC acts as a support structure and duplicates or "replicates" data.
It offers the possibility of customizing virtual servers according to specific needs and allows companies to optimize IT costs by paying exclusively for what they use.
It is also prepared to adjust to the growth and increasing functionality needs of the organization.

Consider the main business risks in the event of a cybersecurity disaster or breach

Cloud Paratus

Key features

  1. CPI
  2. RAM
  3. Data center consolidation
  • SSD
  • Backup disk
  • Snapshot
  • Multiple backup repository
  1. Switching
  2. Routing
  3. Gateway Firewall
  4. Distributed Firewall
  5. Load Balancing
  6. VPN 
  7. NSX datacenter API
  8. Content-aware micro segmentation
  9. Container networking and security
  1. Datadenter Extension and Cloud Migration
  2. Multi-site management
  3. Operational visibility and perspective
  4. Data center extensions and cloud migration 

Virtual private cloud servers

VPS servers: Performance and flexible resources for your company

Unlike a shared server, a VPS works as an independent and isolated server just for your business. We have plans with guaranteed resources such as CPU, RAM, storage and bandwidth.

Our VPSs run on powerful physical servers partitioned into individual virtual machines. Each VPS receives a dedicated slice of hardware, providing superior privacy and performance.

With a VPS you get greater control, flexibility and the ability to scale your website or application easily. Customize and manage your virtual server as you wish!

VPS are the perfect solution for companies that need more server power at competitive prices. Enjoy the resources of a dedicated server with the simplicity and economy of the cloud.

What are VPS?

They simulate dedicated servers, even though they are hosted on shared servers. It's a solution for companies that need more resources than shared hosting. 

  1. Scalability: Reduce or increase space as needed
  2. Ergonomics, mobility and compatibility between operating systems

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