The largest and most secure
Datacenter in the country


We guarantee a complete and secure infrastructure for your data in our datacenter

At our facilities in Patriota, Luanda, we have two state-of-the-art datacenters built in accordance with the latest international standards for security, power, cooling and fire detection and suppression systems.

Datacenter 1, with capacity for more than 1,500 servers, was launched in 2017 and is now 100% occupied.

Datacenter 2 was inaugurated in 2019 and is the largest, most modern and most secure datacenter in Angola. It has capacity for more than 7,000 servers. Public and private institutions in Angola are legislated to store their data in specially created structures or in the cloud within the national territory and Paratus provides the data center services that companies in Angola require by law.

Storage and processing
Where innovation and redundancy meet to guarantee continuity."

Datacenter infrastructure

Security and efficiency in data management

Dedicated hosting

If you have a static HTML website, PARATUS' dedicated web server hosting services provide the speed, performance and stability that your sites require.
Services include: hardware and software configuration, technical support, patch management, system maintenance, monitoring and updating.

For large companies, we configure virtual servers according to their specific needs.
This allows companies to have a fixed Public IP, "full root shh" access to their server and to install their own solutions.
Service accessible upon availability."

To protect companies' IT environments, we provide a virtual firewall that allows organizations to filter and monitor the packets that run on their networks.

Online backup allows you to make continuous copies and offers a simple way to restore files. All to keep your data safe and accessible whenever you need it.

Main features of the datacenter




We have secure facilities, with strict entry controls and permanent monitoring, including:

Access the Datacenter's technical specifications