Connect your business to
the largest internet network in the country


With a quality network throughout the country, we connect businesses and people to the world through the Internet.

We have internet connectivity solutions designed to ensure the stability, security and performance that are essential to boost your business. 

Our robust infrastructure covers the entire national territory, from the north, Massabi and Cabinda to Santa Clara in Cunene, stretching from east to west. Today, with more than 200 points in Angola, we provide high-speed internet access, even in remote locations, ensuring that every corner of the country is connected and ready to face the challenges of the digital world.

Our fiber optic network is designed to ensure comprehensive coverage, complemented by microwave and satellite technologies to guarantee uninterrupted connections. 

We have various technologies at our disposal, from fiber optics to microwave and satellite. 

Connectivity that transforms
More than the internet, a bridge to the future.

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Undeniable advantages of our internet coverage

Satellite internet solutions

Internet Technologies Angola, S.A. offers satellite Internet services, dedicated or shared, throughout the country, in both the C and KU bands.

Satellite internet
Where the signal arrives, evolution begins.


With a 1:1 contention utilization ratio, this solution allows companies to run high-performance applications such as ERPs, Voice over IP (VoIP) and videoconferencing.

More popoular

VSAT Silver

With a contention ratio of 1:3, this service is ideal for companies with medium data transfer usage, such as SMEs and NGOs. A suitable solution for companies that need internet back-up solutions.

VSAT Bronze

This satellite service is suitable for customers who need an affordable satellite Internet solution.
The ratio contention applied for this service is 1:10.