10th Solidarity Golf Tournament fulfills its purpose and offers two computer rooms to students in Uíge

The 10th Internet Technologies Angola Solidarity Golf Tournament, held last Saturday in Luanda, broke its record for the amount raised in the auction of a single item in 10 years of activity.

The highlight of the day was Cabship's impressive donation of 5.5 million kwanzas for the auction of a canvas painted by children under the guidance of renowned artist Isabel Baptista, reflecting the spirit of solidarity at the event. The beneficiaries are pupils from two schools in Uíge who will receive two computer rooms fully equipped with computers and connectivity.

The Minister of Transport, Ricardo Viegas D'Abreu, who took part in the tournament with a golf team, emphasized the important role of ITA PARATUS in promoting digital inclusion, saying that "this tournament supports schools that so desperately need our help, so our presence 

in this tournament contributes to the success of these social responsibility actions, which are always very important and contribute greatly to the sustainability of society, families and the environment in which companies operate.

"The Solidarity Golf Tournament has once again exceeded all expectations," announced Francisco Pinto Leite, General Manager of Paratus - Internet Technologies Angola. "This year we are celebrating the important milestone of the tenth edition, the result of cooperation between institutions, companies and people for the development of communities, united by the same desire and spirit of solidarity to raise the quality of education in the telecommunications sector," said Francisco Pinto Leite.

In addition to Transport Minister Ricardo Viegas D'Abreu, who played with a team, the event's ambassadors Karina Barbosa and Yola Semedo also joined the cause. Yola Semedo treated the participants to a live performance at the Mangais Resort. Also demonstrating their commitment to this solidarity initiative were companies such as Espaços, Cabship, Riskos, MCSA, Ensa, Saudabel, Fabrimetal, Refriango, Sogrape Vinus, Unikus, Ayo, Paypay, Angola Cables, Quinta da Terrincha, Ecolumi, Kronos, Camicar, Suave, DSTV Streaming, DOM, Chandon, Weldane, Resort Mangais, Oxigen, PlatinaLine, Spider, Born, Porto do Lobito and Bravantic.

"Our commitment to the development of the communities we serve is unwavering and we hope to continue to create value for everyone," he said, taking the opportunity to announce that "at the moment, Paratus - Internet Technologies Angola is equipping schools in the cities of Moçâmedes and Lubango, using the funds collected at last year's Solidarity Golf Tournament".

In this year's edition, the spirit of mutual help infected companies and partners at a charity gala lunch, donations and the massive participation of partners in the tournament where 24 teams and 96 golfers took part, organized by more than 100 technology employees. At the end of a relaxed competition, Team Korea was the big winner, with 86 points. In second place was "Team Guacamole", with 82 points; and in third place, "That Mambo", with 80 points.