Namibe, October 24, 2023

The commitment of Internet Technologies Angola, S.A., a leader in connectivity and technology solutions, to technological development and democratization in the country resulted in the donation yesterday of a computer room at Primary School no. 17 - Pioneiro Zeca in Moçâmedes, the capital of Namibe. The governor of Namibe, Archer Mangueira, was the featured personality at the event that inaugurated the space.

In line with its policy of social initiatives, and with the Angolan Executive's objectives in terms of access to information technology, Paratus has equipped Primary School No. 17 - Pioneiro Zeca in Moçâmedes, the capital of Namibe, with computers, servers for storing digital educational content and internet connectivity. The initiative will allow more than 600 children to have access to a modern, connected education and become familiar with new information technologies.


The total investment in this project is approximately 20 million Kwanzas, of which 10 million was raised from various partners and supporters of the 2022 Solidarity Golf Tournament.

Archer Mangueira, governor of Namibe province, who presided over the inauguration of the computer room, together with municipal entities, stressed that "the time to bet on the future is now. Digitalization and technology are more important than ever and our young people represent the future, so their knowledge and training are extremely important".

"Digital literacy is crucial in today's world, and Paratus is committed to preparing the next generation of young people for the future by expanding this project throughout the country," says Francisco Pinto Leite, Paratus' General Manager."

The impact of the Solidarity Golf Tournament on access to information technology in more remote areas of the country is undeniable. Since 2012, this social responsibility initiative by Paratus has already provided several schools in Angola with a variety of equipment, including computer devices and permanent connectivity, which is essential for the success of this educational program.

As a result of the 10th Solidarity Golf Tournament, held in September this year, the province of Uíge will be the next to benefit from computer rooms, ensuring that more Angolan children have access to quality digital education.

Fundraising to equip schools in Uíge was a great success, with more than 20 million Kwanzas raised during the 2023 Solidarity Golf Tournament. The total investment to equip the computer rooms in Uíge exceeds 30 million Kwanzas, and once again Paratus will complete the amount.

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